Umang Badhwar is the facilitator for the support groups here at Hour Talk. She also works one on one with individuals taking the workshops. Working with her you will always feel supported and connected.

Professional Experience

Umang Badhwar

Umang Badhwar takes a holistic perspective in her practice, drawing from neuroscience, clinical psychology, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. In addition, she had been influenced by her mindfulness, yoga, and meditation practices.

Her journey toward healing began some thirty years ago with her desire to change her own self-defeating life patterns. She then forged a pathway toward self-discovery by realizing and actualizing her ability to change.


Trained in clinical psychology with certifications in adult psychoanalysis, childhood trauma, and crisis intervention, Umang is also heavily influenced by her interests in film theory and art, especially as they explore the depths of the unconscious.

Umang offers both group and individual sessions, working with clients to understand the feelings, impulses, memories, and images that exist beneath their words. Her practice is strongly informed by her professional training and research into different treatment modalities that inspire new insights that can eliminate false beliefs, thereby leading to positive personal change.

Studies have shown that one of the most important factors in predicting successful treatment outcomes is the quality of therapeutic alliance, whether in individual or group settings. Lastly, Umang provides a safe, warm, and nonjudgmental environment for individuals to express themselves freely and comfortably. Together, she and her clients examine psychic wounds and long-held beliefs that limit emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth.